What You Should Know About the New Play Station 4

Are gamers worldwide ready for the latest and greatly enhanced PlayStation 4? A lot of people are still getting accustomed to the latest PS3 and getting to know the features of this system for gaming.

Already, Microsoft and Sony are building a gaming console for the next generation.

Improved Features of PS4

  • Since the PS4 will be enhancing PS3’S platform, some hardware changes are expected. For instance, the present 802.11b chipset will be replaced by the 802.11n chipset. This will enable the latest PlayStation 4 gaming console to consist of a larger wireless range.
  • There will be a power supply on the exterior which will decrease much of the case and enhance cooling. A hard disc which is a lot bigger is expected since space requires to be formed for the anticipated large number of games to be downloaded. Since this is a crucial concern, there are rumors that the hard disc will be one Terabyte.
  • Already there is a problem with RAM as the memory architecture for PS3 is shared and this restricts the loading of games which are more advanced and rich in graphics.
  • People who develop games possess a divided 512 mb area of RAM to operate with. PlayStation 4 is expected not to just increase RAM, but distribute more committed RAM to the developers.
  • In turn, these developers will have the ability to build more powerful games which are detailed. More Ram might signify a lot of GBs of DDR2 RAM will be installed to make the PlayStation 4 a wonder at graphics which might really rock!

Graphics Engine

  • Presently, the PS3 is utilizing a graphics processor. This is founded on the chipset of NVIDIA RSX. Already there is talk that Intel is consulting with Sony to offer the next hottest thing in regard to the processing power of graphics.
  • The latest Intel Larrabee chip might possibly be utilized to work on real-time physics and raise realism for the game.

A PS4 Lacking Blu-Ray Discs?

  • PS3’s success assisted to direct the Blu-Ray disc design into the lead rather than the HD DVD design. But now rumors indicate the optical drive will be eliminated totally from the console of the gaming.
  • The new idea is that after someone purchases a PlayStation 4 and carries it home, they will be in a position to directly download the games and install them in to the hard disc.
  • This is an advantage as it will get rid of lag periods between changes in the level and decrease the irritating first load time also. The Blu-Ray drive is among PS3’s most costly component.
  • Getting rid of this creates room for decreasing the cost of a PlayStation 4 unit. This costly Blu-Ray optical drive is one reason why Sony plans to launch the PlayStation 4.
  • Sony states they are making losses on every PlayStation 4. However, it is a necessary evil since they require remaining in competition with Microsoft.
  • Redesigning PlayStation 4 with no Blu-Ray cost will enable them to start gaining profits like the days of PS2.


You have some precious facts now about the latest PlayStation 4 and each of the many enhancements which it is offering. Without a doubt, there will be long queues to buy this hot product.

The PlayStation 4 shows great promise and Sony will definitely attain top position due to this great gaming console!

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